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Contact: Brad Kupfer

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Contact: Brad Kupfer

715-484-2520      bradkupfer53@outlook.com



  • Shoreline/shallow water assessments
  • Point-intercept aquatic plant surveys
  • Specimens for each species collected, bagged and sent to UWSP for verification
  • Aquatic invasive species surveys
  • Pickerel Lake: Eurasian Water Milfoil found at 43% of the  711 point-intercept locations
  • Crane Lake: 6 point-intercept locations around 75 plants  
  • Water quality sampling, including dissolved oxygen and temperature profiles
  •  LMP Survey mailed to Pickerel and Crane Lakes Homeowners 


  • Point intercept-data  compared against previous point-intercept plant surveys
  • Compiling Eurasian Water Milfoil preliminary information (either visual or raked) 


  • Survey results compiled and reported to membership
  • Complete action items recommended through LMP findings